Inspiring and guiding a child or teenager to open up and develop their singing voice is a joy.  The benefits to their self-esteem and confidence are huge and our sessions can inspire a life-long love and enjoyment of singing and music.  It’s a wonderful gift to give them.

I love teaching children 1-2-1 and have also worked in primary schools across Manchester on behalf of the National Sing Up programme, starting-up choirs and training teachers and other staff to lead singing sessions.

Molly (10) really wanted to join the Halle Children’s Choir but didn’t pass the audition so her mum contacted me for help.  We prepared her thoroughly, building her confidence and technique and… success! She’s been with them for 2 years now and is loving every minute of it.

I would love to hear from any parents looking for a warm, friendly, non-judgmental vocal coach for their child. I give voice tuition in all contemporary, non-classical styles of music.

Singing tuition for your child can become something instrumental in building their confidence and self-esteem; it’s something they can pour themselves into and enjoy on many levels.

During your child’s singing lessons we will work on songs that they enjoy – very important – and every singing lesson is infused with fun and humour, play and work. In fact, so are adult singing classes!  When we play with our voices, keep it fun and we’re laughing then our voices are free of the tension that holds us back – we find and release our “natural voice” and with it, the true joy of singing and our true vocal potential.

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