Want to learn to sing? Thinking of taking singing lessons and are wondering if they’re for you?

Whether you are a beginner or a professional singer, you can benefit from voice coaching.

If you are a complete beginner and feel that you can’t sing and there’s no hope, think again!  Singing Teacher Mags has years of vocal coaching experience, a degree in Psychology and personal experience of working through anxieties and fears around singing in front of others.  It’s because of this that she has a particular skill for coaxing even the most rusty and timid-voiced students into song.

Your singing lessons will be as unique as you and we can work on any style of music, with covers or originals, with or without guitar, backing tracks or piano.  During your vocal coaching sessions we’ll work on breath control, voice technique, posture and song performance.  As your control and tone develop so will your confidence.

You can become the singer that’s inside you, waiting to be released!

I really couldn’t sing in tune and thought I was a no-hoper but Mags reassured me over the phone that it was possible to learn. She’s a brave lady taking me on!  I’m starting to recognise when I’m in tune now whereas before I hadn’t a clue; and whilst I’m not the best of singers, I can definitely hear the improvement in my tuning and voice strength.  Mike  (38)

Whatever your previous experience of singing and whatever your personal opinion of your voice at this time, you will quickly be using your voice in new and exciting ways.  The first session is usually diagnostic and involves guided exercises, which allow us to explore the potential of your voice and to identify where Mags can help you improve.  Usually we also find time to discuss suitable songs for future exploration. It is suggested that you think in advance of songs that you’d like to potentially work on and we can choose the one that suits you best, with the aim of developing this in any further lessons.

All sessions are recorded to ensure retention of the teaching we cover.  You’ll find it invaluable to go over key points and techniques at home by listening back to the recordings.

During any private lesson you will touch on or explore in more depth many or all of the following topics:

Breathing – dispelling myths about breathing and introducing useful techniques to improve your breath efficiency

Posture – proper use of the body during singing – anchoring & the Alexander Technique

Physical warm-up learn an effective, energising and focussing routine drawing on tai chi, acupressure and yoga

Voice Qualities – Twang, Speech, Falsetto, Cry, Sob, Belt and Mixed Voices (e.g. Cry with Twang)

Vocal Training – useful exercises you can practise at home and their applications

Vocal Health – guidance on lifestyle choices to support your voice, safe use of the voice through correct technique, help with voice problems e.g. hoarseness or fatigue when singing

Practice – how much to do, what to do, where to do it. What is safe, what is not

Confidence building – the secret to increasing your confidence is in learning great technique, connecting with the song’s lyrics and losing yourself in the enjoyment of singing your heart out!

Interpretation – examining the song’s text and how we can bring this out during performance.

Connection & Coloursinging from the heart, storytelling, light and shade, dynamics, choreography

Extending Your VoiceExtending your range, developing power and style, bridging breaks in your voice smoothly

Performance – bringing everything together to give your best performance

Supported Progression – next steps, your goals & aspirations, Open Mic nights, preparing for gigs & auditions (if appropriate)


Mags offers slots during the week and at weekends from 09:00h until 21:00h. Singing lessons can be booked in a regular slot or we can vary the day and time from lesson to lesson depending on your availability.

Lessons are based at Mags’ home music room in Marple, Stockport or can be taken from anywhere in the UK by Skype.  Marple has two train stations, good bus connections and is easily accessible from all over Manchester including Romiley, Bredbury, Woodley, Offerton, Macclesfield, Poynton, Sale, Ashton-under-Lyne, Reddish, Brinnington, Adswood, Cheadle, Heaton Moor, Hazel Grove, Davenport, Glossop, New Mills, Chisworth, Charlesworth, Heaton Mersey, Didsbury, Chortlon and beyond!