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Singing Lessons – Learn to Sing and Build Your Confidence!

Singing Teacher, Mags Lowe provides singing lessons for everyone who wants and loves to sing, from the complete beginner to gigging performers.  Based in Marple near Stockport, she draws on industry-standard vocal coaching and performance techniques, which are taught in such a way as to draw out the best from each individual student, whatever their age or previous experience.

“The atmosphere Mags creates in our lessons naturally encourages me to challenge myself more and more, week by week. I can say to anyone thinking about lessons that you’ll definitely notice the improvement in your voice, your tuning, and your confidence after only a few sessions.” Jenni (25)

During your private singing lessons she will help you to find your voice, improve it and become a more confident and expressive...

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Singing for Children

Inspiring and guiding a child or teenager to open up and develop their singing voice is a joy.  The benefits to their self-esteem and confidence are huge and our sessions can inspire a life-long love and enjoyment of singing and music.  It’s a wonderful gift to give them.

I love teaching children 1-2-1 and have also worked in primary schools across Manchester on behalf of the National Sing Up programme, starting-up choirs and training teachers and other staff to lead singing sessions.

Molly (10) really wanted to join the Halle Children’s Choir but didn’t pass the audition so her mum contacted me for help.  We prepared her thoroughly, building her confidence and technique and… success! She’s been with them for 2 years now and is loving every minute of it.

I would love to hear from any pa...

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