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Hello and Welcome to Singing UK

With Vocal Coach, Mags Lowe – Singing Tuition in Marple, Stockport, Greater Manchester and beyond.

Providing singing lessons for adults and children of all ages, ability levels and experience.

Whatever your age, ability or experience I look forward to helping you develop your singing voice, performance and confidence.  Your singing lessons will be as unique as you and we can work on any style of music, with covers or originals, with or without guitar, backing tracks or piano.  During your vocal coaching sessions we’ll work on breath control, voice technique, posture and song performance.  As your control and tone develop so will your confidence.

You can become the singer that’s inside you, waiting to be released!

You may say, “But I have no voice!  I can...

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Learn to Sing – Singing Lessons for Beginners

If you’re thinking of taking singing lessons and are wondering if they’re for you, feel reassured that everyone can improve their voice and confidence with regular vocal coaching.  Singing Teacher, Mags Lowe knows from years of experience as Northwest Courage to Sing Course Leader and Choir Musical Director, that anyone can learn to sing better.  If you are a complete beginner and feel that you can’t sing and there’s no hope, think again!  Singing Teacher Mags has years of vocal coaching experience, a degree in Psychology and a particular skill for coaxing even the most rusty and timid-voiced students into song.

I really couldn’t sing in tune and thought I was a no-hoper but Mags reassured me over the phone that it was possible to learn...

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Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers – Give the Gift of Song!

I found some courage! It’s been a roller-coaster of a journey but I’ve gone from being too  self-conscious to even hum a tune when I thought folk were listening to being  able to sing (out loud) when I know I’m not alone! Not much you may  think but a huge step for me. Mags has been wonderful at never making me do anything too uncomfortable but gently nudging me in the right  direction. I’ve found it’s even helped in other areas of  self-consciousness. I’d recommend it to anyone who needs to find the  “courage to sing”!

Surprising someone you care about with the gift of  private vocal coaching can feel like a risk but rest assured that they are in very safe hands with singing teacher, Mags Lowe...

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